Summers Drilling Ltd. was started in 1917 by my grandfather and great uncle. They started drilling water wells in the Edmonton West area with a horse driven water well rig. This was quite an upgrade compared to digging the wells by hand. My grandfather drilled over 500 test wells for the Wabamun Coal mine in its inception. Back then, when you drilled a well for a farm, the farmer fed you and gave you a place to sleep. The well would take many days to drill. My father Jim Summers began to drill water wells in the 1950's using the same rig that my grandfather used. Jim was one of the first people to earn a Journeyman Water Well Drillers ticket in the early 1970's. Jim continued to drill wells throughout his life and still works with the guys in the shop today. He set up many projects in Africa for the United Nations in the 80's and 90's. Jim and his wife Regina are still active in aid projects in Malawi.

Myself, Dave Summers, I was involved with drilling since I was a kid helping my father. I have worked on the horse rig, made casing out of wood boards for the water wells. When I graduated from high school in 1980 I continued my drilling career by working with many drilling companies around the world. I have drilled with many different types of rigs for different purposes. I then came back in 1990 and expanded Summers Drilling into what it is today.


In July 2011 we lost our 30 year old well but not before it delivered a good load of sand to us. Kap's Drilling Ltd., responded and delivered the final verdict for our well. On our behalf David Kapalka contacted Dave at Summers drilling, located in Stony Plain, Alberta.
Summers Drilling promptly responded to our acreage with two 1200 gallon water containers for our use. We never went without water for more than a few hours and the cost to lend us these two containers c/w pump was absorbed by Summers Drilling. These two containers remained on our property for our use until the new well was drilled, capped and running. We were allowed to continue using the containers until all lines had been cleared of any remaining sand. Prior to this I met with Dave of Summers Drilling. He was sympathetic, professional and easy to deal with. Dave explained the entire operation and procedure to myself. All questions were answered to my satisfaction.

With the wet summer, drilling was delayed until the ground was firm enough to support the drilling rig. The actual drilling, trenching and re-connection took three days. The drilling rig personnel were friendly, professional and informative. At no time did they portray annoyance with me asking questions or simply hanging around watching. The well was completed quickly with no issues. I explained to Dave what my habits have been in the past regarding the tending too of some horses. A suggestion was made to install a hydrant and also steps were taken to provide the necessary wiring for an outdoor plug next to the trough. These suggestions were much appreciated and after using the hydrant I have found it very convenient. It will save me a lot of time and effort. Summers Drilling also supplied the power line for the outlet at no extra cost. The new well works great. The entire experience of dealing with all of the personnel at Summers Drilling was very positive. I will recommend this fine company to anyone that I meet that requires similar services. On behalf of my family and myself I wish to say!

Thank you very much.
Dan H / Carvel, AB.