Water for Life in Africa

Who are we?

We are Regina Summers, Jim Summers and Robert Summers. WFLA is a charitable organization dedicated to improving the water supply situation of poor villages in rural Africa. WFLA is based out of Stony Plain, Alberta.

How did WFLA come about?

After working in and visiting Malawi, the directors of WFLA recognized the great need that the people had for a safe water supply.
They saw that the hard working people of Malawi faced the constant problems of unhealthy water supply despite all their efforts to improve their water source.

Why is WFLA's mission important?

The villagers in Malawi work hard to improve and maintain their existing water sources. These sources often consist of polluted springs and swamps, and are often located a great distance from the Village. Mostly small farmers, the villagers have little money to buy the necessary equipment to improve their water supply. As a result both the adults and children of the village regularly face severe illnesses that hamper their efforts at work and in school. The future of these villages depends upon increased productivity and improved levels of education.
Both of these things require a healthy population. Water is the basis of good health. A good source of water is the beginning of an improved future for these people.

Who is WFLA targeting?

WFLA targets those communities and families that are hard working and that are willing to work hard at improving their water supply situation. WFLA does not look to assist those families or villages that do not demonstrate an interest or that are not willing to contribute to the process. While this may seem to be a 'tough love' approach, experience shows that only those who are interested and willing to contribute to a new water source fully undertake the responsibility of maintaining that source over the long term. It is our hope that this will be the last assistance the village will ever need regarding water supplies. As the village becomes more productive and education levels improve, they will be able to meet their water supply needs themselves in the future.

What does WFLA ask of those who we assist?

WFLA requires that the villagers contribute both labour and funds to the construction of a new water source. The amount of funds that is requested from the villagers depends upon the wealth of the people and of the area. The amount required from the village would be about one month's salary from every household in the village (this would total about $200 Canadian for the whole village). Such an amount ensures that the village truly sees the need for a new water supply and that they will maintain the equipment (pump, well site, etc) long into the future.

What types of improvements does WFLA seek to provide?

WFLA focuses mostly upon water wells produced using simple technologies. These include both hand dug and hand drilled wells.
Where necessary, due to the hydrogeology of the area, more advanced methods of drilling will be employed. Through using the lowest level of technology available, WFLA ensures that the money collected is used in the most efficient manner possible.

What we ask of you, our fellow Canadians?

We are currently looking to raise funding to construct more wells in five villages in rural Malawi. Each of these villages are filled with working people who do everything they can to help themselves and to see that their children have a better life than them. You can contribute to this cause by sending a donation to the following address. Please make cheques payable to Water for Life in Africa.
Receipts will be issued upon request.

Water For Life in Africa
Box 3172
Stony Plain, Alberta

Phone: (780) 963-2560
Fax: (780) 963-8802