Wells vs. Cisterns

Water Well


Average Installation Cost $15,000.00 Install Cost of 3300 Gallon Cistern $13,500.00
Biyearly Chlorination $250 x 10 $2,500.00 One New Pump (over 20 years) $1,200.00
One New Pump (over 20 years) Installed $2,000.00 Biyearly Cleaning of Tank $350 x 10 $3,500.00
One New Pressure Tank $800.00 New Pressure Tank $800.00
Water Delivering at today's price for a family of four -
Average yearly cost $3600 x 20 years





After 20 Years

After 20 Years

Well is still in good shape due to PVC casing and groundwater recharge

Cistern will need to be replaces due to erosion

Never have to run out of water

Limited supply of water

No water trucks in your yard

Water trucks continually pounding out your driveway

Unlimited household water use

Cistern is easily contaminated

Safer, ground water is much safer then surface water sources

Standing water is never a good thing

Even city water has pharmaceuticals in it after treatment

If you took the money ($70,000) difference and invested it, it could double or triple in twenty years

No one entering your yard to fill cistern when you're not home

Always fresh water